baked broccoli cheese balls

1 1/2 fresh broccoli flower stacking cups
° 1 cup grated colby cheese
° 1 cup cheddar cheese
° 4 ounces Velveta, cut into small pieces
° 2 1/4 Split Banco Crumb Cups
° 1 slightly beaten egg
° 1/2 cup multipurpose flour
° 2 slightly beaten eggs
° Vegetable oil or canola
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Steam the broccoli until slightly cooked. Let it be calm.
– Finely cut the broccoli. You want the cut to be 1/4 inch or less. Put it in a large bowl.
– Add cheese, red pepper flakes, 1/4 cup panko crumbs and 1 egg with broccoli. Stir well.
– Use your hands to form the mixture in the form of balls using a round tablespoon for each ball. You should get 12-14.
– Place the balls on a plate and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.
– Place the flour in a bowl.
– Place the 2 slightly beaten eggs in a second bowl and mix in 1 tablespoon water.
– Place the remaining 2 cups panko crumbs in a third bowl.
– Pour about 2 inches of oil into a Dutch oven or heavy saucepan. Heat the oil to 375 degrees. For the best results, use the thermometer.
– Remove broccoli balls from the fridge, cover with flour, dip in egg mixture, then cover with panko crumbs.
– Fry about 4 balls at a time until golden brown on all sides.
– Drain on a plate lined with paper towel.
Enjoy !

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